Stonefree is a vienna based collective of musicians.

We are an Independent Record Label, Following the Thoughts of the DIY Movement, organizing Concerts & help touring Bands since 2007.


Cadû (Aut)

Progressive Rock / Trip-Hop

Down With The Gypsies (Ger)

Psychedelic / Folk / Progressive Rock

Great Rift (Aut)

Heavy Psychedelic / Stoner Rock

Güacho (Arg)

Heavy Blues / Psychedelic / South American Folk

High Brian (Aut)

Psychedelic Rock

Hypnotic Floor (Aut)

Psychedelic / Kraut / Progressive Rock

Intra (Aut)

Progressive Rock / Stoner Rock

Johnny & The Rotten (Aut)

Psychedelic Rock / Garage

Letters of Vakāra (Ger)

Psychedelic / Folk / Progressive

Limestone Whale (Ger)

Heavy Psychedelic / Hard Rock

Lizardmen (Ger)

Stoner / Grunge / Blues

Lmdg (Arg)

Psychedelic / Alternative / Kraut Rock

Mothers Of The Land (Aut)

Instrumental / Hard Rock / Heavy Psych

Ozymandias (Aut)

Heavy Grunge / Doom

Pale Heart (Ger)

Progressive Rock / Blues Rock

Pottwal (Ger)

Psychedelic Rock / Progressive Rock

Savanah (Aut)

Stoner Rock / Heavy Psychedelic

Sound Dealer (Aut)

Progressive Rock / Psychedelic Rock

Spiral Drive (Ger)

Psychedelic / Space Rock / Neo Psychedelia

Succopuss (Aut)

Rhythm & Blues

Tentacula (Aut)

Garage Rock / Surf / Psychedelic Rock

The Heavy Minds (Aut)

Heavy Psychedelic / Garage

The Vampyres (Aut)

Drugula / Garage / Heavy Rock

Torso (Aut)

Psychedelic Rock

Van Manakin (Aut)

Post Rock / Progressive Rock

Wassermanns Fiebertraum (Ger)

Alternative / Post / Progressive Rock

Weddings (Aut)

Grunge / Stoner / Heavy Rock

Willow Child (Ger)

Psychedelic Rock / Progressive Rock / Blues Rock


THE VAMPYRES // 01.11.21 w. Litlle Hole Filled @ Rockhouse, Salzburg (AT)

SPIRAL DRIVE // 06.11.21 @ Jazzclub Kiste, Stuttgart (DE)

SPIRAL DRIVE // 12.11.21 w. MOTHER'S CAKE @ Posthof, Linz (AT)

SOUND DEALER // 13.11.21 w. HALF BAKED CHEESE @ Wakuum, Graz (AT)

THE VAMPYRES // 20.11.21 @ Kramladen, Wien (AT)

GREAT RIFT // 20.11.21 @ Kramladen, Wien (AT)

CADû // 27.11.21 @ Chelsea, Wien (AT)

SAVANAH // 27.11.21 @ RIPPLE FEST, Köln (DE)

More shows to be announced

SPIRAL DRIVE // 07.12.21 w. MOTHER'S CAKE @ Treibhaus, Innsbruck (AT)

SPIRAL DRIVE // 20.12.21 w. DIRTY SOUNDMAGNET @ Goldmark's, Stuttgart (DE)

Shows to be announced


StoneFree is a vienna based collective of musicians.

As vinyl collectors we’re trying to offer our bands high quality releases on vinyl, that’s why we started to run a label ourselves back in 2012.
Our releases are focused on bands we’re into
We’re interested in all kinds of arts, so we’re offering a platform not only for record releases but also for additional artwork, photographs, music videos, …

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