Stonefree is a vienna based collective of musicians.

We are an Independent Record Label, Following the Thoughts of the DIY Movement, organizing Concerts & help touring Bands since 2007.


Torso (Aut)

Torso is a Psychedelic/70’s rock-inspired quartet from Vienna. A psychedelic journey. Influenced by early rock. From deep in a hole.

Limestone Whale (Ger)

The musical style of Limestone Whale can be described as both 70s-blues-rock orientated and influenced by 70s-doom, psychedelic-rock and stoner-rock.

The Heavy Minds (Aut)

A Psychedelic-Blues-Trio playing a mixture of heavy, fuzzy riffs, dreamy melodies and spacey solos, which is heavily influenced by bands of the late 60's, early 70's.

Güacho (Arg)

Güacho is an experimental rock trio from La Plata, Argentina, influenced by 70's psychedelia, combining lots of spaciality and contemporary, rhythmic textures.

Savanah (Aut)

The band takes influences from Doom, Desert and Psychedelic Rock to create their unique sound, once described as aggressive Stoner with a deafening bass and powerful riffs.


Two musicians from the landside of eastern Austria, playing drums and piano, combining genres in an extraordinary way.

High Brian (Aut)

The guys spent many days and nights in the glow of lava lamps, weaving their carpet of sound consisting of a lot of Fuzz and Delay, lay, lay…

Pottwal (Ger)

Pottwal celebrates the splits between juicy Space, heavy Stoner and swirly Psychedelic Rock.

Astroboy (Ger)

Astroboy is a three piece NeoGrunge-Pop-Band from Bavaria/Germany. They mix epic riffloops with soothing melodies and punkrockethics with pop.

Lizardmen (Ger)

Lizardmen, a cocktail of grief and pent-up anger, embedded in stoner you could only escape if you cut your ears off.

Succopuss (Aut)

Succopuss is the name of a rock and roll duo based in Vienna.



Available for Shows & Festivals in 2017

20.05.17 w. BLACK VOODOO TRAIN @ Cafe Holler, Deggendorf (Ger)

27.05.17 @ Festival, Wüzburg (Ger)

31.05.17 @ Campusfest, Regensburg (Ger)

15-17.06.17 FREAK VALLEY FESTIVAL, Siegen (Ger)

08.07.17 @ Bürgerfest, Schwandorf (Ger)

29.07.17 @ Wutstock Festival, Wunsiedel (Ger)

Available for Shows & Festivals in 2017

11-13.08.17 @ Fast Open Air, Hinterschmiding (Ger)

Available for Shows & Festivals in 2017

29.04.17 Soundsgood Skateboarding Video Release @ Kulturkeller, Gleisdorf (Aut)

01.05.17 w. JOHN GARCIA @ Arena, Wien (Aut)

05.05.17 w. SWANMAY @ RÖDA Stoner Rock Night, Steyr (Aut)

11.05.17 "The Healer" Album Release @ Wakuum, Graz (Aut)

12.05.17 w. TRUCKFIGHTERS, PARASOL CARAVAN @ Night of Fuzz, Posthof Linz (Aut)

Available for Shows & Festivals in 2017

13.05.17 @ Rhiz, Wien (Aut)

20.05.17 @ Arnoldstein (Aut)

Available for Shows & Festivals in 2017


Available for Shows & Festivals in 2017

28.04.17 @ TexMex, Landshut (Ger)

29.04.17 @ The Raven, Straubing

30.04.17 @ Tabakfabrik, Passau

Available for Shows & Festivals in 2017

29.04.17 @ Volcom Caslte Rock Out, Salzburg (Aut)

Available for Shows & Festivals in 2017

Available for Shows & Festivals in 2017

28.04.17 @ Boulderbar, Salzburg (Aut)

17.05.17 w. MADAME SPEAKER @ KAPU, Linz (Aut)

15.09.17 @ Sonograph Festival 2017, Vöcklabruck (Aut)

Available for Festivals in 2017


StoneFree is a vienna based collective of musicians.

As vinyl collectors we’re trying to offer our bands high quality releases on vinyl, that’s why we started to run a label ourselves back in 2012.
Our releases are focused on bands we’re into & who don’t have the funds to put their music out on a record.
We’re interested in all kinds of arts, so we’re offering a platform not only for record releases but also for additional artwork, photographs, music videos, …

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