High Brian

In autumn 2013 the musicians Nils Meyer-Kahlen, Benedikt Brands, Paul Berghold and Patrick Windischbauer met in Graz.
Soon they realised that they were meant to create music together, so they formed High Brian.
They live and rehearse in Graz and produce their one of kind rocking-space-sound all over the Austrian club-scene.

On this way, they shared stage with llike-minded artists like Danava, Vidunder, Kadavar, The Vintage Caravan and many more.

The guys from Stockholm, Hamburg, Graz and Linz spent many days and nights in the glow of lava lamps, weaving their carpet of sound consisting of a lot of Fuzz and Delay, lay, lay… To do so they take their influences from the past decades of Psychedelic music and climb into their own, personal time-machine.

“...als schwimme man völlig zugedröhnt (anders geht’s auch schwerlich nur) nackend durch eine Lavalampe.”

Stefan Baumgartner (!Ticket-Eventmagazin)