Sound Dealer

Sound Dealer was founded 2010 in Wolfsberg, a small village in Austria. The then 20-year-old musicians Armin Polsinger (guitar), David Kinzer (bass) and Gabriel Cresnar (drums) already knew each other from the school days, during which they established a deep friendship and passion for music.

In the early years of the band three different people had the role as vocalist, but all three left the band in good friendship again. On a fateful day in 2017, drummer Gabriel Cresnar and bassist David Kinzer attended an open Jam-Session at the club Wakuum in Graz. Also present was the singer and musician Marco Hutegger. Their shared band experience made Gabriel and David a powerful rhythm group, and the improvised Jam-Session with other musicians developed an incredible energy. After a few minutes of jamming, Marco Hutegger took over the vocals. His powerful voice is reminiscent of Robert Plant or Jack White, and the three immediately realized that there was something magical about it.

After the Jam-Session, Marco was asked to take the role as lead singer in Sound Dealer. Marco was looking for an energetic rock band, where he could focus on the role of the singer and frontman . The definite, Sound Dealer line-up was finally complete. A band full of energy with progressive rock songs, inspired by the music of the 60s and 70s, combined with more modern and contemporary elements.

The first gig with Marco on vocals took place in 2018 as opening act for the Norwegian band “Bömbers”. It was an evening of triumph and together with 300 people in the crowd they celebrated the rebirth of the band and the beginning of a new era in the bands history.


Armin Polsinger - Guitar, Backing Vocals
David Kinzer - Bass
Gabriel Cresnar - Drums, Backing Vocals
Marco Hutegger - Vocals