Release the... eeehmm... Kraken?
Or are we talking about another gigantic cosmic creature both divine and demonic whose arrival means the end of the world as we know it?
Well, maybe.

Long story short... whatever you may interpret into Tentacula...
The name is their program! And this mystical neologism keeps its promise: Dark, reverb-drenched melodies and haunting riffs create a refreshing blend, somewhere between dreamy psychedelic- and dirty garage-rock. Spiced up with the captivating and seductive voice of the Queen of Darkness herself, who summons the gods of Liquid Thunder with her fellow cultists. This is going to be another intense ritual!

While the Necronomicon does not have an entry about Tentacula yet, they chose to write their own history: After their 2019 debut Tentaculove, they’re now back with their highly anticipated second album „Estrella Destruida“ which consists of eight songs that once again show their unique way of merging styles that normally would not go together and also highlights the band’s fascination for Italo Western movies and their epic soundtracks. It’s darker and deeper than its predecessor and might very well devour you whole...
But it also works the other way around once you have the record which is coming out on everybody’s favorite Viennese Psychedelic Rock Label StoneFree Records.
And in case you wondered: the Artwork for „Estrella Destruida“ is by none less than APLACEFORTOM the author of the book and the founder of THE RAW STUFF who has also drawn a graphic novel to go along with the record.

Penny Slick Perry – Vocals
Markus Kapeller – Guitars
Arthur Darnhofer-Démar – Bass
Paul Eidenberger – Guitars
Michael Falkner – Drums