Succopuss is the name of a rock and roll, stoner, blues duo based in Vienna, founded after Tobias Paul (vocals, guitar) and Krystof Hümer (drums) met each other at a nightclub in their hometown 2013, one dressed up as a sailorboy and the other as Nick Cave. Tobias' 24-year-old voice sounding more like he had already lived decades of rock and roll lifestyle, complementary to Krystof's drumming, a rythmic eardrum stimulating penetration.
Their notorious live performances, with jam passages often resulting in more or less obvious acoustic sexual innuendos, are a damage of space and time,
causing the crowd flashbacks to a more analog era, when psychodelics were taken before breakfast.

They recorded their "Succopuss EP" which will be released later this year as a limited 10" Vinyl Version.

„Aber eigentlich bräuchte man ja keine weiteren Argumente um SUCCOPUSS seine Seele zu verschreiben. Dem phallusbeutelndem, Atombomben-Rock ’n‘ Roll, den das Zweiergespann in schnellen und langsamen Salven in die Menge donnert, entkommt man einfach nicht…“

- subtext