Spiral Drive

VISIONS IN BLOOM - with the second studio album released on March 11th, 2022 via StoneFree Records, SPIRAL DRIVE is back on national and international festival and club stages. After the success of the debut album UNITY in 2019, SPIRAL DRIVE once again shows the ability to homogeneously merge psychedelic rock, alternative rock, psych pop, grunge and indie rock. The project of songwriter and producer Raphael Neikes shows how memorable, hypnotizing and iridescently psych soaked music can sound.

For the production of “Visions In Bloom” Raphaël teamed up with his friend Manuel Renner to realize his visions in full bloom: brutal riffs encountering deep psychedelic soundscapes of comforting analogue warmth. That’s also why international collaborators and friends like Ben McLeod from „All Them Witches“ (US), „Lord Fascinator“ from „Children Collide“ (AUS) and Yves Krismer from „Mother’s Cake“ (AUT) found their musical way to the double LP record.

In June of 2022 Spiral Drive recorded a live session at the prestigious “Little Big Beat Studio” in Liechtenstein, which was released as a limited-edition live album on vinyl in 2023 and had a major streaming hit with the single SPACE TRAIN.