These master instrumentalists paint serene landscapes replete with imagination, color, and panache. Savanah don’t rush their songs, but let them breathe and sweat, relishing in the possibility of discovering some strange new realm. Brooding and morose, you’ll sometimes pick up on the subtlest undercurrent of the Melvins when listening. Within this doomy world of the solitary wanderer, you’re sure to find something essential for the journey - a hook, a riff, a melody or chorus - and you will surely return again for more.

Savanah have been described as a tight group with superb musicianship, fantastic vocals, and a proggy psychedelic vibe. The band’s inner dynamic is essential to crafting their sound. “Nothing will be done if one of us doesn't like it,” explains the band. “So maybe our style just changes on how our minds are changing.” Savanah’s brand of psychedelic doom rumbles and roars, grounding us in the earth and transporting us to enraptured heights. That their music has power is beyond question. What’s impressive is the many Savanah fans have related how the music has been of great strength and comfort to them through hard times.

Though the band formed just seven years ago, Benjamin Schwarz (bass guitar, vocals) and Jakob Gauster (guitar) have known each other since childhood, where they bonded over a mutual love of skateboarding and Fu Manchu. Decades later, when the friends discussed forming a new band, they met recent German transplant Felix Thalhammer (drums) and Savanah was born. “We are just like three best friends now,” notes Jakob. Savanah counts among their proudest achievements supporting Fu Manchu, John Garcia, Colour Haze, and Pentagram, among others. They have toured the whole of Europe, too, signing with the Total Volume booking agency. “Every positive response and every really lovely fan we have,” adds the band, “is a proud achievement.”

Savanah made their first big splash in 2015 with the release of Deep Shades. The EP was celebrated as a genuine rocker and a galloping adventure, ushering listeners through a dreamy sonic intermingled with delirious solos. Savanah are known to be brilliant improvisers, something that is especially evident in their 2017 album The Healer.

Now the band is poised to release their third album, ‘Olympus Mons’ (2021), named after the largest mountain in the known universe - located on Mars. “Since we played so many shows the last few years,” Savanah remarks, “it took us four years to write these songs.” And well worth the wait at that! The LP will feature a total of five songs on it, showcasing a boundary-pushing progressive approach, with the longest track clocking in at 13 minutes in length.


Jakob Gauster - Guitar
Benny Schwarz – Bass, Vocals
Felix Thalhammer - Drums