From the creators of stories like G√ľacho, Fuego Camina Conmigo or Culto al Fuego, and from the heart of the power plant located in Tolosa called Tomas del Mar Muerto, comes a new experiment. Mix of graphic adventure and musical experiment, LMDG is a somewhat deformed project that seeks to find in technology, forms of production and cultural communication a source of inspiration and why not a mode of expression. Musically supported in currents such as psychedelic rock, krautrock, art rock, ambient, noise, the new psychedelia, dance punk, free rock ... Yes, many things in this cocktail shaker. LMDG tries to be a soundtrack and a graphic display screen of a near present-future, a kind of sonic dystopia. A series of characters take control of artifacts from different periods, blend with them to produce musical, graphic and audiovisual content to embody a reality not so alternative to the one we have to live in today.

LMDG is:
Deff on Tascam console, recordings, editing experiments and basses.
Chori on drum machines, electronic pads, percussion and drums.
Lamberto in midi synthesis, digital keyboards, recordings, guitars and voices.
Gabo in final touches of production and mastering.