TORSO is a Psychedelic/70’s rock-inspired quartet from Vienna. The origin of the formation back in the summer of 2009, when met Thomas Pint (bass), Michael Jandrisevits (guitar) and Florian Giessauf (drums) for the first time in a rehearsal room,worn by the desire to music without blinkers and free of any barriers to make. According booming amplifiers, free psychedelic improvisations and long solos were the product of this time dedicated to the music. After about five months of existence the trio was named after the Aztec King “Montezuma” (Haydn Rockt! 2009), for a compilation on the first song. In winter 2010 it was forced to calm the gentlemen, as the drummer left the band for family reasons. A musical rethink was needed. This resulted in the spring of 2011 for filling the drums with Klaus Gulyas, while Bernard Gager took over the vocals and the second guitar. The resulting stylistic changes for the four musicians in a new musical direction. From seemingly endless, sometimes 50-minute jams developed structured forms and a sophisticated songwriting. TORSO was born.

In its relatively short existence, the young band already shared the stage with famous groups such as Golden Void, Mars Red Sky, Glowsun, Siena Root, Karma to Burn,The: Egocentrics, Umor, Danava or Saviours. The result of the many sweaty hours in the rehearsal room released in May 2012 in a first EP called (“Inside”) on “Stone Free Records” found precipitation and entered TORSO transnational respect in relevant magazines, radio stations musicblogs.

“This foursome plays amazingly awesome Stoner Rock with Space and Psychedelic influences. Their debut album Inside is an absolute masterpiece with seven tracks. These songs are all great compositions that are played very well. Another great thing about Torso are the vocals, these are outstanding and well fitting with the music.....”

Insane Riez, Stoner Rock Is Here to Stay