Güacho is an experimental rock trio influenced by 70's psychedelia. Its sounds combine lots of spaciality and contemporary, valvular, rhythmic textures. Its passages range from Black Sabbath, The Jimi Hendrix Experience and Led Zeppelin, Billy Bond y La Pesada, Pappo's Blues and Pescado Rabioso to the aggressive rock bands of our time: Rage Against the Machine, Tool or Queens of The Stone Age.

The inherent strength attached to the style of its members and the quest for their own, proper climates are the basis on which the band tells its stories. The result is this audiovisual and face to the wind traveller's rock.

“Argentina proves once again they have talented musicians with Güacho, a Psychedelic Rock band with sweet swirls of Purple Haze flowing everywhere …”

Mr. Fuzz for morefuzz.net