Astroboy is a Fuzz/Pop trio from Berlin. Their biggest influences are every other music, friendship,
freedom, struggle, highs and downers and disturbing TV advertises from back then, in the nineties.

Aaron (guit/voc), Manu (bass) and Nick (drums) mix epic riffloops with soothing melodies and punkrockethics with pop. They claim to be minimalistic but strong and sometimes brute in impression. The trio is a wild animal, going for the feeling rather than overthinking.
Broken down: it´s a very high energy punk rock kicking pop in the mud and sure they leave that special smell… ASTROBOY

“The inherent strength attached to the style of its members and the quest for their own, proper climates are the basis,
on which the band tells its stories. The result is this audiovisual and face to the wind traveller's rock.”